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"Learn French for global outreach "

Author: Bhawana Prasain / 274 Views

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French language is one of the most globally used language.People from most part of northen and central Africa speak French . So if you are a businessman , French will probably be a requirement while dealing with people in business .Also it is one of the most widely used official language.

As a student if you are targetting for Europe for further studies , learning French will provide you more options while choosing universities. You will no longer have to limit yourself to English universities only .Syntactically it is quite is to learn so you can learn French in a short duration.

Learning French will help you in opening doors in almost every continent of the world .French is also one of the official languages of international relations. UN and International Olympic Committe use French as their official language. If you have good grasp in French, you can get a job in international organizations. It is also the third most widely used language on the internet after English and German.