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"The Importance of English in a Globalised World"

Author: Wilfred Lefetogile / 163 Views

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As nations, regions and continents arm their arsenals for political and economic dominance, the world has become one small place and there is one unifying factor to facilitate communication,”the use of English as a Lingua Franca”.

A step back in history shows us that the English language from its introduction in the British Isles in the 5th-7th centuries AD by Anglo-Saxon settlers has always evolved going through different crucial cycles and adopting words from other languages such as French, Norwegian etc, to become what is known today as modern English(or simply English) spoken by about 1-1.6 billion people both native and non- native speakers.

Here are the reasons why English plays such a paramount role in a globalised world:

By and large English is essential in the Science and Engineering fields, that has seen some Scandinavian,Eastern and Western European countries such as Holland,Denmark, Sweden and Poland tailoring their syllabi’s to their student’s needs through the use of this vital language.Its predominance in the sciences such as in research and studies has seen students even in countries where English is not the first or official language studying almost all their subjects in English.

Secondly, English is the language of international business.In today’s globalised world competition has become fierce and to enter the business world or a global workforce it has become almost necessary to know how to speak, read, write and understand English as these are considered essential skill sets to do business as communication is often conducted in English.

Thirdly, travel-Speaking English helps travellers from all corners of the world to communicate with each other, so, helping them to get in touch on an international level and broadening their horizons.

Lastly, the entertainment business-English is the original language mainly used in films, music, games and books, so, knowing the language gives one power to access an incredible amount of information.added to this, about 50% of the content produced on the internet is in English.

To sum up, on a broader scope the English language is key to unlocking doors to success be it in Education,Business, Travel or Politics, even the United Nations has made it its official language.