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"Impact of language on society"

Author: Rupak Prasain / 139 Views

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Language is used by us all in one form other the another on a daily basis. However it is not a fork, or a computer. Language is a system that helps people express feelings, thoughts and meaning through sounds and symbols. Functionally language acts as an asset which is used to socially relate with people and maintain relationship. At times people get into situations where despite of having same language of communication they are confused about what the other person said. This could be very well influenced by other cultural and social aspect of language.
People that live in society with rather stable language and totally they have a regular social behaviour can normally transmit their messages, thoughts and feeling with common language. The social quality of language, links it with other processes, phenomenons and many other social-cultural factors and this correlation is so deep that some people describe language as a mirror that reflect events and any other social-cultural alteration in society. But totally, the language and society have a bilateral relation together. They are always in changing and alteration process but without same speed. Overall, social changes are quicker than the changes that happen in language but generally they change permanently. The style of speech in a language is faster than its written mode so it is obvious to say that that the changes in speech style are reflected so quicker than the mode of writing. Language as a social entity and organ needs stability to act in communication role beside it needs to change with social alteration and adapt with moment needs. Industrial developments and evolutions in a society are the most important events that have a widely effect on language.
Language and culture are similar. An ability to learn languages ​​depends on his / her dominance and the level of realization of culture. There is no language without society, and people always use language for communication, and their language itself has a combination of cultural qualities. Different social conditions acquire different cultural backgrounds, the view scope increscent of the persons (in learning new language) can help them open up and learn about other nations culture, that is the main reason for learning a language, so for domination sake At a languages, students should know about the details of the object language culture and be aware of the differences between his / her nation and other nations. Many linguists believe that learning a language is not just about linguistics, but also education in culture. Foreign language teaching is a normal teaching culture, and the purpose is to increase the communication skills of language learners in order to increase friendship and mutual understanding of different countries.
Thus, it is important to understand the language of the community. It has led man from just lumpy animals to a human being in the true sense of the word. It has simplified the transfer of ideas, regular social contacts, preserved our culture and transferred it to future generations. In fact, the language is very valuable possession. The people in different parts of the world speak different languages. Not only that, people who live in the same territory use different languages ​​or speak different dialects. These differences in the language of the worlds population have shown to limit inter-group communication and continue social isolation.