Nepal is home to various castes, languages and people. Nepal is a diverse country with 123 Nepalese languages as per the census of 2011 AD. Nepali is the most spoken language all over the country spoken by 44.6% of it`s total population. Nepali is also used as the official language in Nepal. Although English is fairly spoken all over the country, importance of Nepali language to foreign nationals cannot be undermined.
Foreigners who visit Nepal for travel and fun could always know more about Nepalese culture in an authentic way if they have a fair grasp of Nepali language. The history of Nepali Language is dated back to when it was called ‘Khas Kurā’ which was the main language of Gorkha Kingdom. It is believed that the modern Nepali language originated from the Sinja Valley of Jumla. Since the creation of Greater Nepal Nepali language has become popular as an easy means of communication between all language speakers of the nation.

Nepali language is useful to those foreigners who want to visit Nepal for business. A foreigner who speaks Nepali fluently will have competitive advantage if he/she wants to grow his/her business empire in Nepal.

Also, Nepal is famous for being one of the most beautiful tourist destinations because of the varieties in landscapes, climate conditions, floras and faunas. One would definitely want to stay in this beautiful heaven once he gets the taste of it. Not everybody can afford staying here indefinitely. But the ones who would want to remain here for a long time would definitely want to learn Nepali.

If one wants to live in Nepal one would not always want to pay more for the groceries or taxi fares just because he/she is a foreign national speaking a different language. There are some people who would always try to take advantage of a situation where there is a communication gap. Also, if one would plan to stay in Nepal to work or Volunteer, he/she would have to get in touch with many people who might or might not have a good understanding of English. Errors in communication during work could create havoc at times. Therefore, having the knowledge of the local language could always be beneficial to avoid such havoc . Also, while investing in a foreign land one should know the people, culture and surroundings he/she will engage in. Making investments will be easy if he/she has the language skill to communicate with all the potential stakeholders to make effective decisions.

Language Hub Nepal has also been providing Nepali Language classes to the foreign nationals who visit or are staying in Nepal. Language Hub has been running these classes since 2017 and the number of foreign nationals who visit Language Hub at Chhaya Center, Thamel of Kathmandu is increasing daily. If anybody is planning to visit Nepal and learn Nepali language there could not be a better place than Language Hub.