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We facilitate trade, tourism and foreign direct investment in Nepal by offering Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Russian, and Spanish Language Courses, Translation and Interpreter Services.

We provide short term business oriented Chinese and other foreign language courses for Nepali businessmen to help them to easily sell their products to tourists or easily do business inside and outside Nepal.

We offer short term customised foreign language courses for associates (Guides, Hoteliers and Travel Agents, etc.) of travel and tourism industry to help them provide unrivalled hospitality services to tourists.

Our long term and basic foreign language programs for college and school students help them realise their global dreams, prepare them for higher education in foreign land or to take advantage of different opportunities created by globalisation.

Since our establishment, we have been offering Nepali language courses for expats who are looking forward to investing in Nepal or who love Nepal and want to learn more about Nepal and its culture.

Furthermore, we have been providing professional and real time translation and interpretation services from experts in Chinese and other languages to help businessmen and business houses to effectively communicate and collaborate with foreign clients or to make their products known on a global scale.


Affordable Tuition Fees
Small Class Size
Highly Qualified and Experienced Instructors
Different courses for short term and long term learners
Short term business oriented courses to help Nepali entrepreneurs to easily sell Nepali products to foreigners
Special courses for Guides, Hotels and Travel Agents for providing unrivalled hospitality services to foreign visitors
Professional and Real Time Chinese Translation and Interpretation Services from Experts